Create New Project doesn't remember Project Path

Godot Version


Bug Report

  1. From the “Project Manager” press “New”
  2. Project Path is set to a default value (for me it’s my home dir)
  3. Change the Project Path to something else
  4. Continue on with your project creation as normal
  5. Return to the Project Manager and press New again
  6. That Project Path is still set to the default value! How do I set that default?
  7. here we are

Expected Behavior

The Project Path should be remembered OR
There should be a checkbox in the folder selector that says “Make this the default” OR
Somewhere on the “Project Manager” it should allow me to set the default OR
The Project Manager should remember where you pressed “Scan” and make that the default OR
Something completely different.


I have no idea where to submit a bug but I doubt this is it. Will someone pick this up or do I need to carry it to the developer? I am happy to implement the change myself or just hack my configuration files, so I’m not looking for a solution. I’m trying to help make this software better.

Unfortunately you have to set the default path manually at the moment.

Open any project, in the menu bar click EditorEditor Settings. In the settings navigate to FileSystemDirectories. There you will find a setting for the default project path for the project manager.