Creating a Realistic Humanoid Skeleton 3D: Help and Tips

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Hello, Godot Community! :rocket:

I’m working on game development and have encountered the challenge of creating a realistic humanoid skeleton in Godot. My goal is to have a one-meter tall skeleton with flexible proportions that can be easily adjusted within Godot. I aim to modify not only the height and width of the body but also individual limbs, and maintaining a consistent curvature of the spine to create diverse animations. Additionally, I want the skeleton to be modular, allowing for removals or changes (removing the feet if they were severed). There should also be points where can be aded bones (for instance, a tail).

Furthermore, I would like polygons to adapt flexibly to these changes, and textures to automatically adjust to alterations in polygons. Also I want changed the polygons and texturs of diferent part of skeleton(for example, switching the head shape from normal to a dog’s or to slightly alter the appearance, like changing hairstyles or eyes). If there are experienced users willing to share advice or resources, or if you have suggestions on how to tackle this task, I would be grateful for any assistance.

If someone recommends using Blender for creating the model, I’m happy to start learning it, provided I understand how to integrate it with Godot.

Thanks in advance for any support and advice!