Dialogic and Game Manager

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Hi! So I’m using dialogic, I’ve got a simple conversation set up, and now I want to setup communication with the game manager to update dialogue.


extends Node

Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.

func _ready():
pass # Replace with function body.

Called every frame. ‘delta’ is the elapsed time since the previous frame.

func _process(delta):

func _on_dialogic_signal(argument:String):
print(“Something was activated!”)

I’m trying to use on_dialogic_signal, however, the signal does not get called in the debug menu. If someone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it:

For reference above is my dialogue^^

How did you connect the signal? I believe you will need to connect via Dialogic’s autoload, usually in _ready

func _ready():

func _on_dialogic_signal(argument:String):
    if argument == "activate_something":
        print("Something was activated!")

Sample from dialogic’s docs

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Thank you so much!!! This fixed my issue