Dialogic issues on switching branches

Godot Version


I am working on a collaborative project and switched my branch to see my friends code. I set up a dialogue system with Dialogic 2, but on switching back to my branch I get these issues upon load:

res://addons/dialogic/Modules/Background/node_background_holder.gd:1 - Parse Error: Class “DialogicNode_BackgroundHolder” hides a global script class.
modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:2726 - Failed to load script “res://addons/dialogic/Modules/Background/node_background_holder.gd” with error “Parse error”. (User)

Has anyone else encountered this topic? I’ve been stuck on this for days and I cant find the solution to this,

Have you tried deleting the hidden .godot folder?

Why would I want to delete the .godot folder? It has my dialogue related files\

I sincerely doubt that, wouldn’t be a very good plugin if it put any useful information in .godot