Does anyone use godot 4 for mobile games?

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As title said, please, can you share games?

I published two games on Godot 3.3 (they are offline since 5 months). I avoid Godot 4 for mobile (that is only my opinion). Godot 4 is much bigger when you build for android or iOS then 3.
I dont know the performance difference between Godot 3 and 4.
But if size matters for you, you should know, that output data is a lot bigger.

For example:

  • Godot 3 about 12MB
  • Godot 4 almost 20MB (19,5)

even a stripped export template is still about 13MB on Godot 4, where Godot 3
hit about 8,5 MB.

I develop games in 2D. But if you go with 3D you should stick with Godot 4.

I made and released a simple 3d (at least rendering-wise) game ( Vlobs ) using Godot 4.1 Mobile renderer that I originally published both on iOS and Android (and windows, linux and macOS).

I had quite a lot of compatibility issues originally, eventually restricting the iOS version to just newer device models and dropping the Android version entirely after a while since I had no way of figuring out why it wouldn’t run on some Android devices and it wasn’t selling at all on the Google Play store compared to the Apple App store.

I think that a lot of these Android issues have been resolved in later Godot 4.2 updates, but I haven’t tested myself. But I think that if you want to develop for mobile only it’ll be a safer bet to use the Godot 4 Compatibility renderer for now. I’m using that for the project I’m working on now, even though it’s not targeting mobile, simply because I don’t need any of the more advanced rendering features and I want to have maximum compatibility.

The reason I chose the Mobile renderer for Vlobs was that I wanted to try out some of the new nicer renderer features and also make desktop versions of the game to release via steam. And while it was a good learning experience to develop and deploy a single game on multiple platforms both mobile and desktop I wouldn’t do it again.

How are you catching bugs and crashes in production?

How are you catching bugs and crashes in production?

Basically I’ve just relied on users reporting issues. Both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have built in systems for reporting back actual crashes, but in the cases I encountered these didn’t provide any reports as the game didn’t actually crash, it just launched with a black screen.

On iOS I could figure out that it was simply a case of the Mobile renderer not being compatible with older iOS devices, and I also had a couple of iOS devices I could test on myself. But on Android there are so many more different models and versions of the OS out there and it worked for some but not others with no apparent pattern to me, and I couldn’t reproduce the problems on any of the devices I could test on.

I want to make a 2d games for mobile. From your experience and perspective should I go with godot 3, godot 4 or monogame (nez)?
I know that monogame is framework

I would defenitly go with Godot 3 in 2d. There is nothing that you cant to in Godot 3. I hit 60 fps on old android phones without any problems.

If you like hardcoding you can use a framework.
As a one-man army i would use Godot. (Design & Programming ).


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I use Godot 4.2.1 in Revengate, a roguelike for Android. This is not a very graphical game, but I really enjoy the revamped TileMap, functions and signals as first class objects, and the live inspector (you can debug the game running on your phone in the Godot editor running on your desktop). I would seriously consider Godot 4 for any new mobile projects.

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I am downloading your gane, thanks!

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