Does filter_clip property of AtlasTexture actually work in Godot 4.1.1?

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I’ve been experimenting with Sprite2D and AtlasTexture class. One of AtlasTexture properties is filter_clip, doesn’t seem to work for some reason, or I’m doing something wrong.

I did on purpose to set the region rectangle larger (150x150) than the Godot icon size (128x128) to see what would happen with filter_clip set to true. Still, as a result, I see the typical “bleeding” when the region oversizes the atlas. It’s as if that property is effectless, be it true or false. What’s going on?

UPDATE: I’ve been digging more into this. Been trying to figure this out using a Sprite2D node instead. This class has a similar property called region_filter_clip_enabled.

According to the docs, it should blur “the outermost pixels”, whatever this means. I expected to have a blurry border (of thickness unknown because this isn’t specified anywhere) while the core of the texture is according to textur_filter property.

I tried “nearest” and “linear” and, as you can see in the screenshot, there is no difference at all between the core and the edges of the texture, which leads me to suppose this feature isn’t yet implemented…

I also dug into Godot’s source code to find clues, namely into “sprite_2d.cpp” and found many references to this property, but since the code has no comments, and I’m no C++ expert, I couldn’t figure out how that property works.

UPDATE: opened an issue at GitHub about the subject