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Is it possible to edit keys or values of an array nested dictionary?

When doing something like this:

var dict = {"key":"value"}
var arr = [1,2,dict]

func _ready():
	arr[2]["new_key"] = "new_value"

This is the output: [1, 2, { “key”: “value”, “new_key”: “new_value” }]

You get an extra dictionary instead of edit the old one [2].

Btw. you can create a dict inside of an array without giving it a name, how is it possible?

That output shows only 1 dictionary with two entries.

arr[0] = 1
arr[1] = 2
arr[2] = {
   “key”: “value”, 
   “new_key”: “new_value”

If you wanted to change the first value then:

arr[2]["key"] = "new_value"

create a dict inside of an array without giving it a name

I don’t understand this question.

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Is it also possible to edit the key and keep the value?

I meant, you can create a dict without a dict name like that:
array[1,2, {“key”: “value”}]
Now you can reference this dict by the array it is in but not by its name. I was just wondering how this work

The only way to rename the key is to make a new key:value pair and delete the old one.

Sure you can create a dictionary in an array without create a variable for it first:

var arr:Array = [1,2, {Key:Value, Key2:Value2}]

This prints

[1, 2, { "Key": "Value", "Key2": "Value2" }]

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