Emit_signal always fails wih ERR_UNAVAILABLE

Godot Version 4.2.1


I have a script with these signals defined, but emit_signal always returns ERR_UNAVAILABLE for one and never for the other:

signal dash_started(pos: Vector2)
signal dash_cooldown_ended(pos: Vector2)

# ... cut ...

func _dash(direction: Vector2) -> void:
	# ... cut ...
	var err: Error = emit_signal("dash_started", position)
	assert(err == OK) # this always works
	await _dash_cooldown_timer.timeout
	_is_dashing = false
	err = emit_signal("dash_cooldown_ended", position)
	assert(err == OK) # this always fails

When I check in the debugger err is 2, that would be ERR_UNAVAILABLE.

The doc for emit_signal says:

Returns @GlobalScope.ERR_UNAVAILABLE if signal does not exist or the parameters are invalid.

I’m fairly sure I’m just missing something obvius here, but why the first emit_signal always works and the second one always fails?

Try dash_cooldown_ended.emit(position)

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Did you free the object in the time it took it to await for the timeout?

The object being freed should fail otherwise, not by that way, it should cause a segfault

That was it, thanks.

I didn’t know that in Godot 4 there’s a new way to emit signals, thanks.

Weird that emit_signal failed like that though, should I open an issue?

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Make sure first the code uses the correct name

Yep, I copy-pasted the string to double check.

If I can create a minimal reproducible example I’ll open an issue. Never mind, looks like it’s deprecated syntax and the new one is just better all around.

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