Error AnimationMixer: 'RESET', couldn't resolve track:


Project runs normally, but I ceep gettin strange errors abount animation that I don’t have.

E 0:00:03:0546 _update_caches: AnimationMixer: 'RESET', couldn't resolve track: '.:label_settings:font_color'.
<source code C++>scene/animation/animation_mixer.cpp:635 @ _update_caches()

I get them only when trying to load one perticular scene (one of the game levels). But I didn’t set up any animation that wolud tweak label_settings:font_color.
Also I have installed Dialogic plugin that could animate such property. But I’m not shure that it causes errors.

Godot bug?

I experemeted alittle trying reproduce this errors by byself.

What I did:
I have objects with this ierarchy:

AnimationPlayer have animation with Sprite2D’s position.

If I’m deleting only AnimationPlayer, I dont get any errors on launch
If I’m deleting Sprite2D (and AnimationPlayer) I’m getting simillar error.


AnimationPlayer ahve libraries property where animations are stored.
Maybe when I’m delitin Sprite2D, AnimationPlayer as node gets deleted too, but libraries with animation data still exist somewhere?

Wat can make this errors?
How I cant track wich object cause this errors?
How to get rid of it?

godot version 4.2

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I just manually searched all Animation nodes and find problematic animation.


Some of questions still unanswered
Can I find broken animation without researching all of them?
Am I find a godot bug ?