Error with Identifer

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I’m having trouble understanding why it won’t identify my line of code even thought I see no issue. im following a video tutorial. Im pretty new to godot so please be easy on me for being stupid.

tutorial link:
timestamp: 49:16

Check the error, it should be spring_arm_pivot or you forgot to add the spring_arm variable

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It is complaining that you have not told it what spring_arm is before suddenly trying to do spring_arm.rotate(...)

So yeah, maybe it’s spring_arm_pivot you wanna rotate, otherwise you are missing a line somewhere that says var spring_arm = ... (replace the dots with the actual definition).

From the tutorial, here’s your missing line (line 4):


ive tried but it only fixes the line 20 but not 21

hey i judt double check my code i have it already idk what the issue would be or where id put the var line at in my code

i double check and the error just says identifier “spring_arm” not declared in current scope and im unsure of were id put my Var line at

found my issuse the

line : @onready var spring_arm = $SpringArmPiviot/SpringArm3D had a captial S and the
line : spring_arm.rotate_x(-event.relative.x * .005 ) did not