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Hello !
I’m new to Godot and I’m developping an app that needs an online database. For this I’m using JSON coupled with the HTTPRequest in Godot. I followed tutorials and always have the same issue. The response = 0 and it returns "Invalid get index ‘question’ (on base :‘int’).

Here’s my GDScript code :

extends Node

func _button_pressed(button):

func _on_http_request_completed(result, response_code, headers, body):
	var json = JSON.new()
	var response = json.parse(body.get_string_from_utf8())
	if response["question"].has("Abracadabra"):

And here’s what my JSON look like :

{"enigmas" :[
        "answer": "8",
        "fakeAnswer1": "5",
        "fakeAnswer2": "3",
        "fakeAnswer3": "88",
        "id": 1,
        "question": "Abracadabra",
        "solution": "Godot is fire but I hate JSON"

My goal here is to get the console print “YES”.
Every kind of help is welcome !
Thanks a lot ! :hugs:

json.parse just returns an error code, it doesn’t return the data itself.
Try something like:

var error_code = json.parse(body.get_string_from_utf8())
if error_code == OK:
    var data = json.data

It works fine thanks ! And how do I select precisely and not all the infos in the JSON File ?
Thanks !

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Well data is a dictionary, you can access anything in it like you’d normally access elements of a dictionary. Something like:

var enigmas = data.enigmas
var first_enigma = enigmas[0]
if first_enigma.question == "Abracadabra":
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