File "corruption"

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this might be the wrong categorie but my main scene file sometimes gets an error when loading and then I cant open it because there is an issue with pharsing the file and I dont know what do

Hi! Describe your setup. Which OS? Do you use a network folder to work with? Is something accessing your project related files from the outside?

You could copy the working main scene file and then make a diff if it does not work. What are the differences?

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I use windows 10 and the online version and the project is on stable+. it happens when saving the file I think and then the contents just get changed in a way they shoulden’t, should I send the project? and also I amnew to coding

I never used the online editor. So I am not sure how it works. Lets wait for others to fill in those gaps.

what do you mean those gaps? and with online editor I meant I have the editor downloaded but its only a few Kbs.

I thought maybe someone with experience in using the online editor would take over helping you find a solution. So, you are using Godot Engine Web Editor (4.2.2.stable.official) right? What exactly did you download?
I can just use it. Perhaps you could download Godot and your project and check if the error also happens there.