Font is too large on small window size

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I’m making a 2D game with a screen size of 640x360.
I am using a pixel TTF font. To fit the screen size I can set it a minimum of 5 pixels. But it’s still quite large. And of course, setting it smaller makes it very blurry.

What is the way to handle the font in UI (CanvasLayer?) in this case?

try decreasing the scale of the element and increasing the font size visa versa.

Thank you for the response.
And what to do with the Button node? The text is resizing together with the button container. Also, it has an icon. So when I resize it, the icon size will not match the button size. If my icon is 16x16, and it fits nicely when the button is not scaled, it looks very unproportional when scaling the button. Text and icons can only be scaled together

An additional issue is with nodes that are controlled with containers. You can’t set any scaling for them. What to do in this case?

Not familiar with your exact problem but copying from here : How do I make the containers adjust their size according to the window size? - Godot Forums

“If you click on the control in the scene there is a container sizing property on the right hand side.”

" If you define your interface layout using anchor points and containers they should always keep intended layout.

As an example lets assume you want to have rect always hiding left half of the window independent on window size. You can achieve that by:

HBoxContainer (anchor full rect)
    - ColorRect (container sizing expand)
    - Control (container sizing expand)

In such case HBoxContainer should be always full window size, ColorRect and Control would take up half of the available space, so they both should be half of the window."

Edit: If this doesn’t work, I’d monitor container size in a node somewhere and have thresholds of resolutions for various font/box sizes.

Thank you for your response. but unfortunately, this is not my problem at all.

My problem is with small window-size games.
I make a 2D game. And I set in project settings a window size of 640x360.

So I have only this size, to put all my things that the player will see.
If the Node2D elements look good, because they are intended to be low-resolution elements in 2D pixel game, but the text elements are not at all.

Just scaling the “Label” nodes down is not a good idea, because it is not consistent and also some UI nodes are complex nodes where there is not only text but other elements, which will scale all-together.

How to properly display text in 2D pixel game where the screen size is set to low in project settings?