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Godot 4.2


I’m developing a main screen plugin that has a HSplitContainer as the root of UI controls and full rect layout so it fills all the space.
But the issue is that main screen plugins root control is a VBoxContainer which prevents the HSplitContainer from spanning the whole available vertical space.

Is there a way to change this root node or a workaround that solves my issue ?


I tried the main screen plugin template in the examples repo “which uses a full rect centered container with a button” and the button seems not be centered vertically as shown in the screenshot.
So I think that this issue wasn’t there in Godot 3.x

If you just want the root node to be something other than a VBoxContainer, you can right-click it in the scene tree and select “change type”. Here’s a screenshot of the menu option in question:

Here’s the solution I got from the LEGEND aaronfranke on godot demo projects issues
“Try setting the button’s vertical size flags to expand and shrink center.”
which works perfectly without workarounds

Thanks for taking the time to answer,
but this isnt my issue.
I posted the answer above.

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