GDScript _ready fires twice

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable ← see image


I have a simple scenario showing that I have one player object in the scene but the ready log shows twice when running the project.

That is not enough information to debug this. What script is attached to MainScene? What is inside Player? What is Character?

Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.
I did find that the scrip had a duplicate attachment.
One to main and the other to person.
Not sure how on earth that happened.

As a matter of future reference, I can assume that finding such mistakes on a large project might be a nightmare. I played a bit with the stack trace and though the stack it self was not much help the stack variables helped me figure things out a bit more.

You can find the script in the FileSystem panel, right click and select View Owners. If it is assigned to multiple scenes, it will show up there.

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