GetNode<Camera3D> returns null , also when i make it unique in scene or full path

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Im able to retrieve all nodes in the scene but i have problem to retrieve the Camera3D
That is attached to Player “Nek” Node3D
What ever i do i retrieve null .

This is my hierarchy:

The code below all nodes are initiated right except the Camera3D they are both null

   	private Node3D Head;
   	private Node3D Nek;
	private CollisionShape3D StandingCollisionShape3D;
   	private CollisionShape3D CrounchCollisionShape3D;
	private RayCast3D PlayerRayCast3D;
	private Camera3D PlayerCamera3D;
    private Camera3D PlayerCamera3D2;

	public override void _Ready()
		Head = GetNode<Node3D>("Nek/Head");
		Nek = GetNode<Node3D>("Nek");
        	StandingCollisionShape3D = GetNode<CollisionShape3D>("Standing_CollisionShape3D");
        	CrounchCollisionShape3D = GetNode<CollisionShape3D>("Crouch_CollisionShape3D");
		PlayerRayCast3D = GetNode<RayCast3D>("PlayerRayCast3D");
		//Both are null 
		PlayerCamera3D = GetNode<Camera3D>("%PlayerCamera3d");
        	PlayerCamera3D2 = GetNode<Camera3D>("Player/Nek/Head/PlayerCamera3d");

        	Input.MouseMode = Input.MouseModeEnum.Captured;

I can’t understand why .

PlayerCamera3D2 = GetNode<Camera3D>("Nek/Head/PlayerCamera3d");

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Worked , why its starting from Nek And Not Player ?

because the script is from Player, so route it from that
you can do it from /root/ if you want, that’s the absolute path

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