Godot 4.2 - Add a property on MultiplayerSyncho

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Well guys, I posted this question on the godot discord, but as you can imagine; without many results :/. Well, the question is this, I need to add a property to the Multiplayersynchonizer by script. What is the function if there is a way to do this?

Export the property.

Hmm? Is there a way to do this? as ?

You can try using MultiplayerSynchronizer.replication_config to get the SceneReplicationConfig and do any modifications with it.

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Hmm… I actually took a look at this in the documentation. But, I wanted to know, my game is like a multiplayer FPS. When one player shoots, another player does not see the shot. Well, that’s probably because it’s not syncing the instance. In short, how to synchronize this instance, or a variable?

MultiplayerSpawner? I think you may need something more than this depending on the setup.