Godot 4.2 Custom Signals for beginners - Intended for Godot Manual


I struggled reading the Godot Manual’s Custom Signals page for a month at least, visiting it many times per week. The information there and in the tutorials is SO scattered all over the place in my opinion! I failed all the time to make my signal work in my game.

And only now I feel I understand Custom Signals through and through. I think they can be super easily communicated. So I made this quick tuto:
My Custom Signal Quick Tutorial

I’m hoping this would be included in the Manual page here, into the ‘Tutorials’ section:
Godot Manual: Signal Page

How to make that happen?
Can somebody make it in Sphinx format and submit as Pull Request for the Manual? I rather not start with installing make and all…

Thank you!


Okay, I learned how to make a pull request (draft, for starters):

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