Godot 4 Android foreground services

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I exported my music player to Android, it works, but there is a problem, namely: after closing the application, music playback stops. I found out that the Android Foreground Service is responsible for running the application in the background.
I tried to implement this service through Gradle Build using tutorials for Android Studio from YouTube, but a lot of errors appeared when building the application. Of course, I will continue experiments in the near future, BUT

Question_1: Has anyone had experience in installing a service? If so, how successful was it? is there an easier way?

Question_2: Suppose I was able to start the service, in this case a notification should appear. Is there a way to load your interface (scene from godot) notifications? The application has 3 buttons responsible for scrolling through music. Switching music is carried out using a signal for the buttons and calling the corresponding function.