Godot 4 - Body Cam Style Camera (Need Feedback)

Hello Everyone, I have created a body cam/unrecord like player controller but I need your feedback
No Sounds, not completed, it is in development so think what will be the final result!

Please watch this full video:

I have not started my channel properly yet but you can understand that I will upload amazing videos in future (Subscribe!)

A Big Blast Secret Waiting…Maybe reveal in 1-2 months later, I have created a game better than road to vostok!


Please give me a feedback.

It looks very cool.

I think you should add targets to shoot so that you can get a feel for how well it controls and how intuitive you find aiming. Since there is no crosshair and the point you are aiming at is not the centre of the screen, you will have some interesting challenges to solve there. But they are all solvable with effort!

It might be worth turning the camera a little sooner or adjusting the height of the shoulder during extreme turns as (for example at 17 seconds) in these cases the arm position looks a little strange.

You could also research smoothing techniques such as linear interpolation (LERP), which could make the movements a little less juddery. YouTube videos will probably exist for this but the documentation has a really good page on it here as well (I recommend reading it):

You said this is still in development. What about it are you currently planning on changing?

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Thanks for your kind words! As you mentioned, I used lerp for smooth transitions. The judderiness is due to my video editor, not the game. The game had a little judderiness, but I fixed it. There are both head bob and camera shake while walking or running to enhance the gameplay.

Yeah, you’re right, turning a little sooner during extreme turns is odd, but it’s still in development and not yet completed. I am researching how to use lerp more smoothly; delta * 10.0 provides medium smoothness. Thinking of using lerp and tween together

Unrecord or Bodycam has no crosshair. I thought of adding a target, but adding enemies is better. I’ll show this in the next video, so you can subscribe for updates.

You can contact me on Discord (king_game_developer) for more information.


Sounds like you’ve got good plans for it.

I don’t have a YouTube account, at least one I use, but I wish you luck! I do plan to come to these forums quite regularly, so I’m sure I’ll see your progress again.

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You don`t have youtube account or discord? If you have youtube, then you can subscribe me

Nope, I’m not much of a social media person, just making an exception for this forum. I’m aware it’s unusual haha. If you want people to see your YouTube channel you could try adding it to your Profile description though. There’s a field there for website as well.

Do you see this?

I hadn’t. It looks good though! It does look smoother.

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