[Godot 4] Modular 2D Platformer Movement

Here is my tutorial on making a modular player character for a 2D platformer in Godot 4. I’m seeing lots of people struggling to keep it simple and putting all their movement/animation/etc code in one big player character script. In this tutorial we’re making a simple player character where all the code is in easy to re-use components.


Clean tutorial, clean code :clap:

looking forward towards more

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Thanks for the awesome video!

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Here is part 2 of my tutorial. In this video we’ll be handling more advanced techniques like: movement acceleration/deceleration, variable jump height, coyote time and jump input buffering. All needed to improve the feel of our movement.


I love your “ECS-approach” on this. Very clean and structured. :ok_hand: I’ll be refactoring my state machine approach to make use of components this way.

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