Godot Mobile Looking Around with Captured Mouse not Working

Godot Version

4.2 Mobile(Early Release)


I’m using a Chromebook and in my _ready() I set my mouse mode to captured.

I’ve followed multiple tutorials on first person movement in Godot and all say to use this line, or some equivalent:

func _unhandled_input(event):
	if event is InputEventMouseMotion:
		head.rotate_y(-event.relative.x * SENSITIVITY)
		camera.rotate_x(-event.relative.y * SENSITIVITY)

This somewhat works… The problem is that Godot thinks I’m on a mobile device(I’m on a Chromebook and installed it through google play). It wants me to hold down one of the mouse buttons and then move my mouse around to look(because on mobile you would press and drag). Is there a way to bypass this mouse click, I tried playing with the settings and simulating a mouse press but either I did them wrong(more likely) or I’m looking in the wrong place. Any assistance would be helpful. Thank You!