Godot .NET 4.2 not opening on linux

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I am trying to run Godot v4.2-stable_mono_linux on my Ubuntu 18.04 but it throws this error:

godot: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version ´GLIBC_2.28´ not found (required by godot)

It seems like I am missing something but 4.2 is the only version I am getting this error. With v4.1.1-stable_mono_linux for example it works fine.

Didn’t see any open issue on github but I am not sure if it is my fault or not, should I open one?

What Linux distro and version are you using?

It sounds like you’re on a very old distro that doesn’t have glibc 2.28, which is the minimum version needed by official builds.

I am on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS, I found out that I have glibc 2.27 but not 2.28. Have been reading and it doesn’t seem trivial to upgrade.

I would personally upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Is there any reason you’re still on 18.04 LTS?
glibc is not something that’s supposed to be upgraded by a user, it kind of just follows the distro versions.

If it’s not possible to upgrade your version of Ubuntu, you could build Godot from source.

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That’s what I thought, I keep this version to not break things, I don’t want to spend hours finding and solving package incompatibilities. I think I will use godot 4.1 for now until there is something that I really need.

Thanks for the quick responses.

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You could always try a virtual machine or the web ide.

Can I suggest to open a bug report about this issue? I think Godot would be guarantee to can be full used from 18.04 LTS as Microsoft Dotnet 7.0/8.0 just do for the AOT build.
Take a look here:

Otherwise you can simply try to use the FlatPack version here:

It is system agnostic, at least I think, anyway can be a good idea just give it a try! :wink:

Ah. I forgot about the Flatpak! Considering flatpaks using glibc run on Alpine Linux, which does not even have glibc, it should work with an outdated version on the system.

Not supporting Ubuntu 18.04 is not a bug, it’s a decision.

Linux binaries can only support at most versions of glibc newer than the one they were compiled against. Godot 4.2 is using newer toolchains (GCC 13) and glibc (2.28), which is not supported by Ubuntu 18.04.

Ubuntu 18.04 is EOL since May 2023, so we don’t aim to support it.

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Yes I understand, only think was better align with the Microsoft Dotnet AOT minimum system requirements, at least for the Godot for Dotnet version.

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