Godot "your first 2D game" error YIELD and AWAIT

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YIELD replace for AWAIT, same ERROR

I’m following the official Godot tutorial to make the first 2D game, but in the part where you have to place the “YIELD” function, it tells me that it was replaced by "AWAIT. But I don’t know how to make that call. I am putting this line of code:

yield($StartTimer, “timeout”)

Also, when you place this: $StartTimer does not autocomplete, that is, as if it were not created.

But it gives an error.
and replace YIELD with AWAIT and it still gives the same error. I would appreciate the help

Hm… this is because yield is not the same as await. yield “gives” away control from the function to the caller, while “await” just “pauses” execution at the code line until the signal returns a value, even as other scripts are running. It’s very different. The tutorial clearly needs to be updated if it still tells you to use yield. *goes investigate*

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I think you must have accidentally followed the old tutorial. The new one explains and uses “await”, not yield.

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I had been following the old tutorial, you are right, but then I realized it and continued with the new one and this has been giving me several errors because I had almost everything done, I have been correcting them but I couldn’t solve this AWAIT error. It is so that when you press play on the game, GET READY… appears for a moment and then disappears. I can’t solve that

Not super confident on this, but I think what you want to type is await $StartTimer.timeout maybe?

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It also gives me an error. Something is missing but I don’t know what it is. says:

Oh, that just means there’s an extra space to the left of the “await”.
Indentation in GDS matters, like in python. You don’t want to have a line that starts with both a tab and a space.

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thanks bro!
i aprecciate
now the error does not disappear but “get ready” does not disappear

(im not bro, im grl)
What do you mean by that? the error does not disappear? What error do you get now? What script? Without details it is impossible to guess what might be wrong now.

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I think the only way to explain it is with a video but I don’t think you can upload videos. The red error no longer appears, but the function is not being performed. GET READY appears but when you start playing it does not disappear.

Well, where are you telling it to disappear?
I see a show_message call, but I don’t see a call to hide it.

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ok, i understand you, girl. Could you help me with that call? I’m starting.

If you show me the HUD tree. Probably something like $HUD/Label.hide().

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Hey how simple it was :star_struck:, I owe you one, friend. you’re the best. Thank you for your patience and for helping me. This is my first thread on this forum :sweat_smile:

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No problem! That’s what it’s for. =3

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