GodotOS - An open source operating system interface made in Godot is OUT NOW!

Welcome to GodotOS, an operating system interface created entirely in Godot! Browse folders, edit text files, view images, play games, and more in one cohesive polished interface that can even be used on the web!

GodotOS is more of a toy than a serious project. It’s meant to push the limits on UI design in Godot while creating a desktop that is minimalist, distraction-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Check out the trailer:

Try it here:

Source code is available here:


This looks amazing I’m going to try it out.

This project is incredible! I think you really set a new boundary here for UI.


Wow! This is so nice! Congrats for making and sharing this project!

Now, I hope Godot gets more feature to make it a real Qt competitor! For example, built-in support for embedded hardware could be a game changer.

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Thanks! There was actually some great discussion on the viability of Godot as a UI toolkit in Hackernews: Show HN: GodotOS – Fake operating system interface made in the Godot engine | Hacker News

A lot of the discussion goes off-topic (as you might expect), but the general takeaway is that there are a couple things Godot would need to fix in order for it to be as good as alternatives. Including:

  • Accessibility (such as built-in screen reader support)

  • Crisp text rendering (compared to something like web development)

  • Features lacking from native apps (such as native theming depending on your OS, using default system settings, etc)

  • GDScript doesn’t have very intuitive error handling like try catch statements. This can be a big deal when one error crashes the entire program.

There may be more stuff I’m missing in the long term, but all of these things can definitely improve with time. That said, Godot is mainly a game engine so I don’t know if there’s much focus they’ll give UI improvements.


GDScript doesn’t have very intuitive error handling like try catch statements. This can be a big deal when one error crashes the entire program.

I guess Rust bindings (https://godot-rust.github.io/) allow writing Rust code with error handling.
I don’t think it’s currently possible to implement a compositor with gdextension that communicates with the X/Wayland protocol while running in graphical mode.
See Implement a Rendering Compositor · Issue #7916 · godotengine/godot-proposals · GitHub (Godot core feature proposal)

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GodotOS has received 3 updates since release by the way, including a new game “Godotris” by MrakDun-desu!

Other changes include better file manager stability, ability to pause games, minor UX improvements and bug fixes. You can check out all the changes here.

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I love this project! Hope you enjoy developing it. It could go really far as anyone can create games for it aha

This is neat.
Reminds me of when people made fake OS in stuff like Flash and Scratch.

I’m not saying I’m planning to, but it would be cool if this could be added to godot games for interfacing with in-game computers (e.g. showing it as a viewport texture). Is that possible according to the implementation and license?

Anyone can fork it, and I tried to make the code as easily extensible as possible :slight_smile:

There is one catch though: It’s AGPL3 licensed, which means any project that uses GodotOS needs to be open source and also have the same license.

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