Google Save Game

Godot 4.0

So I’m making an app which has the Google APK that allows saving, and I can see a bug that might pop up and I want to nip it in the bud beforehand. While saving has no problems that I can currently see, loading does. When I want to load and it doesn’t, I don’t know how to check if it didn’t load because the file doesn’t exist yet as its his first time, or if it did an error. If it was an error, it would be bad as anything he does will reset his save and make it so that everything from purchases to basic gold he previously worked on is completely GONE.

try adb logcat -s godot

your smartphone must be connected via USB, and developer mode / USB debugging must also be activated

Im sorry but that has NOTHING to do with what i asked sadly

@alex2782’s suggestion is to check the logs/console output when the app is running. It might help you figure out what happens when you try to load a non-existing save.

sadly i have 2 problems with that. 1, i cant use logcat, 2, it doesnt give an error code

OMG nvm i thought that remote debugging only works with logcat
i didnt know u can turn it on without it.
ty for the info

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adb logcat > logs.txt (cancel with Ctrl + C)
or try without filter, redirect all logs to a textfile

also without godot editor possible