Google Save games


Hello, so I’m currently trying to make a game save through google play services, but no matter what I do, I am unable to save or load my save. It will always print the things I put in the saved_fail functions and the load_fail functions. The Sign-in is working correctly, I even has purchases in the game, but it will always show me, save failed and load failed. It is currently in internal testing so if anyone has any idea what it might be, that would be great, thanks.

How are you interfacing with google play services?

Through the plugin from finepointcgi, he has a whole video for godot 4.0 on how to use the saving, but when it reaches the saving, it doesnt work. Actually lemme ask another question. Can a json file hold boolean variables?

Can you link the plugin url please?
Could be a plugin bug or your misconfiguration, take s look at adb logcat log to check for any plugin errors.

You can use 1/0 as true/false

GitHub - finepointcgi/PGSGP: Play Games Services plugin for Godot Game Engine 3.x and 4.x - Android, this is the plugin.
Ive checked the logcat, idk if there are any plugin errors cause first time using logcat, but whenever i press save it just prints what i have in the save failed functions.

Do you take a look to the demo project?

I followed his video tutorial to the T, and I just checked the demo, its the same as what i did so yes i have

Seems like you forgot some Google Play Console configuration, have you double checked for it?

If you are talking about the configuration where I need to turn on saved games enabled, I have that on. I don’t know if I need a CERTAIN Oauth Scope that i dont have on, but Google Play Console configuration is already done. I am really sorry I’m making you work on Christmas so I at least hope you have a Merry Christmas.

You also need to request the appropriate OAuth 2.0 scopes to access Google APIs, depending on the level of access you need…

For example, if you want to use the Saved Games service, you need to request the scope…

For the Christmas don’t worry, it’s always a pleasure can help, anyway I’m loving my Xmas and I hope you too. :wink:

I turned on EVERY IMAGINABLE scope, and it still didnt work. I dont know what going wrong anymore. And there arent even any like error codes or IDs so i dont know whats failing

Are you sure to are using the right signing key?

Yes i am, i already have purchases working on it, so i cant imagine that being the problem just for saving. But maybe ure right cause we cant do remote debugging cause of the key so ill ask my brother to check it out

Remember that you can add more signing keys in the play console.

Quick question, what difference does a signing key make if it correct or not? My brother is saying its just for checking who the developer is. Thanks

I remember to have fixed all my issues simply adding my custom debug and release key to Play Console! :wink: That’s all.

PS: I just received a notification of this new Google Play Services 2.0 plugin, if you want you can check if this could help: GitHub - Iakobs/godot-google-play-game-services-android-plugin: Android plugin for Godot 3.5.x to integrate Google Play Game Services in your games.

So i downloaded the new plugin, but i got 2 problems. its in Java, and it keeps giving me this “Unable to load addon script from path: ‘res://addons/addons/GodotPlayGameServices/’. This might be due to a code error in that script.
Disabling the addon at ‘res://addons/addons/GodotPlayGameServices/plugin.cfg’ to prevent further errors.”

I suggest to open an issue on the plugin github page