Heard about visual scripting, but can't find it?

Godot Version

version 4.2.2


Hello, I am brand new to Godot and I have seen a decent amount of info about visual scripting which is supposed to be similar to Unreal Engine’s blueprints, but even when I follow the Godot Docs to get to visual scripting it doesn’t pop up. Is there something I need to turn on/off or a different path to take from what the docs say? or is it a feature that they completely removed and if so, is there alternative methods to have visual script like add-ins people would recommend?
thank you!

It has been deprecated. I think there are some plugins doing something similar though.

Hi there!

Sadly the visual scripting had to be discontinued for Godot 4 for a multitude of reasons. One being that it was not as useful as hoped since it did not offer any abstraction compared to GDScript (it used the same API), so it did not have the advantages that Unreal Blueprints have for example. You can find more information about this decision in the blog post:

If you want to use visual scripting in Godot 4, I would suggest to look for plugins that do what you want. One new and popular option is Orchestrator which implements general purpose visual scripting in Godot 4:

You can install it via the asset library. There are also other plugins that may be tailored to more specific use-cases.