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I just recently started working at Godot, and creating games in general. I want to make a 3D game, real-time strategy. In general, the idea was taken from the game CastleStory (In case someone knows, the world there is a flying island consisting of blocks). At first I wanted to do procedural world generation, but since I have no experience at all, of course it didn’t work out. Therefore, I want to create ready-made voxel worlds, but I don’t know how to do this, that’s why I’m asking for help. I have already tried to create a 100x10x100 cube and when I point the camera at it, everything lags very much and fps drops to 30. I just don’t know if Godot is capable of working with a huge number of objects or would you recommend it is better to switch to Unity?

The problem is you have thousands of individual cubes being drawn, but you only see a fraction of them. That’s a basic problem in games anywhere you go.

If you want to use voxels, then have a look for Zylann’s voxel plugin. To do it manually is very complex.

I don’t know what Unreal or Unity offer, but there’re probably plugins and stuff there too.

ok, thanks, I’ll try it

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