Help with Integrating Game View into UI Scene in Godot 4.0

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Hey everyone,

I’m working on a learning project in Godot 4.2.2, inspired by classic grid-based 90s dungeon crawlers like Might and Magic, Knightmare, and modern ones like Legend of Grimrock.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • A player.tscn scene that holds a Camera3D node, handles input, movement, etc.
  • A test.tscn scene that includes the environment and the player.tscn.

What I want to do:

  • Create a separate scene with UI elements like inventory, character info, text, and integrate the game view into it.
  • Basically, I want it to have the same look and feel as those old-school RPGs with the game view as part of the UI but handle my keyboard inputs as it would if I was just running the test.tscn scene.

Where I’m stuck:

  • I can’t figure out how to get the game view from test.tscn into a SubViewport in my UI scene. I’m more familiar with Unity where this is doable via render textures, but I understand that Godot handles UI differently. This is part of what I’m trying to wrap my head around, and I’m just going in circles with no resources I can find addressing a similar issue.
  • I’ve tried looking through the Godot 4.0 documentation and experimented with different setups, but I’m not getting anywhere.

Can anyone explain how to do this or share any resources relevant to this use-case? Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

You can use a SubViewportContainer in your UI with the SubViewport as a child of it.