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I am trying to pause node that have the pausable process as if I were to add additional nodes that need to be paused as well do not be manfully added as a new line, is it possible?

Not exactly sure what you are asking for, what have you tried doing? what did you expect to happen?

Most nodes process_mode is set to inherit by default, meaning whatever the parent’s process_mode is will be the same as the new child. If that helps

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so I am trying to do a pause menu but I want everything to be paused like the player character, enemies and other physic objects. but I don’t what to have to write freeze() for each one, and have it automatically do it if it has the process mode set to pausable

Do you know if that possible @gertkeno?

Yes you must change paused to true.

get_tree().paused = true

Make sure your pause menu is set to process_mode either Always or When Paused.

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well I feel dumb :man_facepalming:

SceneTree is kind of hidden! get_tree() will come up when editing everything at once like changing scenes or getting groups of objects.

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