Highlighting TextureButton

Looking for a generic way to highlight a TextureButton when mouseovered.

Details: My Levels screen has 10 TextureButtons. Each has a preview image showing what the level looks like. When the player moves a mouse over one i’d like to somehow highlight that button - make it glow, make it grow, put a border, add a shadow, something.

Obvious Solution: Take every level button and make a new, slightly different texture (and then maintain the pair forever). This works but it feels like a lot of duplicate busy work for such a simple, generic feature.

More Work Solution: Attach scripts to mouse_entered() and mouse_exited() and so something codey. Not sure what since TextureButtons aren’t themeable for some bizarre reason. Maybe draw a border around the button using a shader i write to be toggleable. Which feels like a lot of work.

Before i go cave man brute force myself an ignorant solution, any chance Godot has some easy, built in way to highlight TextureButtons?

Yes. It’s pretty easy and code free. Add a control node, or a child node. Something like a TexturedButton has built in behaviour for mouse detection. It also has keyboard focus built in. For keyboard you must select the hierarchy from the list of nodes as designated top, middle bottom. But, then you have to decide which button is up and down.

Just before you ask questions. Please understand. Mouse Entered is a signal. In godot you will use. Signal, Syntax, Process and more importantly a lot of $^&*#@-^% math.