How Can I Create A Card Editor?

Godot Version



I am a beginner who is asking for advice . Basically, I want to create game where the player encounters random cards from a deck, each representing a distinct enemy with unique appearances and damage potentials. To manage these cards and their attributes, I am planning to create a card editor or manager. What would be the most effective method for doing such a thing? Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for asking such a fundamental question.

Assuming these cards are like items in your game, I’d suggest looking into creating a custom resource class for your cards.

In this class, you could then export all the required parameters and data for these cards (like the image they use, the displayed text, etc.), and even something like an array of components that define the actual mechanics of the card.

With this system, you could easily create and edit cards, and it would all be handled directly inside the Godot editor!
You’d also be able to easily create a plugin (or external app) to manage the data.

Hope this helps!


Casey Yano of Megacrit has a blog post on how they make cards in Slay the Spire/Dancing Duelists

TLDR; cards are scripts so they do not use much custom tooling. You could get a lot done with inheriting a base card scene and short extended scripts for functionality.


Thank you for the post! I am going to look it up.

I was thinking about using resources, but, I was not sure whether it would work the way I want. What you describe is exactly what I want. Thank you for the answer!