How can i make godot in mobile small in size ? if building simple 2d game in c++

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Let’s say I build a simple 2D game for mobile, like a solitaire game, in C++. How can I make it as small as possible when compiling?

I added a link to Optimizing a build for size — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English but perhaps that is regarding when you’re building Godot itself rather than a game.

Thanks, I know this page. Although I have never done it, my question is how much it reduces the size? Are there any more tricks or tips?

The way that you can reduce the size when you’re using a game engine, any game engine, is to optimize it by removing things that you won’t use.
If you’re only going to make a 2D Solitaire game and want it to be minimal in size, then you should probably use a different approach than to use an engine.