How can i make my character sit on a chair

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So i want the character to be able to sit in a chair once they walk very close to it. My game is 2D sidescroller style. So i know i have to use an areanode2d to detect when the player is close etc.
how do i actually get the to sit in the correct place tho ? Like the key will get pressed and the player will do a sitting animation sure but how do i make sure he is in the correct possition ?

either you make it walk to the right position then sit or when he/she is sitting, you move slide it to right position
i think the former is better

i dont think its possible to be super precise when using an areanode2d tho you can make it super small sure but the player collision is still big and leaves wiggle room so the player will never be in the exact correct position.

i am not sure i understand the seccond thing you are suggesting.

i see this done in so many game where you press the chair and the player basically teleports on the right possition from wherever he is standing this is what i want. i just dont know how its done

yeah, mostly like that, but it looks like your problem is more to finding the right spot for the chair. if that so, then you will need to try to put a mark2d node for the chair spot, sprite2d can be set to center, then try to put the character to the chair and use sit animation, see which position is the right one, then you copy the position to Mark2d node position. So when you the player interact with the chair to sit, the player will take the Mark2d position and use it to move the character to that position. Either the player take the mark2d position or the chair make the player move to the Mark2d position, depending on how your game is made

it basically Sit animation → use tween to move player position to the correct player sit chair position