How can I make text in small proportions look good?

Im working in a dialog system. I want to make the game pixel art so I got this label:
I used a NinePatchRect to make it scale good and that works fine.
The problem appears when I wanted to insert text:
When I try to add a text saying “Hello World”, it looks like this:
How can I fix this?

Could you share how you add text?

You probably want a pixel art font. Though if you don’t mind the font being non-pixelart even though the game is, you can make sure you are using the canvas_items stretch mode and the font will show up smooth in the running game. This can lead to other objects not being pixelated that you want to be pixelated so you have to address those individually or use a subviewport where you put all the pixely stuff in behind stuff like text. both of those can get pretty involved but they’re doable.

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