How can you rotate a child of PathFollow2D instead of setting rotates to true?

Godot Version 4.2


I have a Path2D and this:

├ HitPointsBar
├ TierIndicatorSprite
├ VisibleOnScreenEnabler2D
├ OffScreenIndicatorSprite
└ MainSprite

Problem 1:
The rotation is 90deg wrong when PathFollow2D.rotates == true.
How should this be corrected?

Problem 2:
I only want the MainSprite to rotate, the other stuff should only move, but keep their rotation at 0. Is there some way to have PathFollow2D.rotates == false but get the moving direction in GDScript, to then use that for lerping the rotation or can you think of some other way to solve this?

This works, but I’m thinking there is a more proper way to do it

func _physics_process(delta):
  progress += speed * delta
  $MainSprite.rotation = rotation - PI/2
  rotation = 0