How do I connect a signal from one resource to another resource, and how would the parameters work?

Godot Version



Thank you for reading this message, I have a problem. I need to connect a signal with resource source to another script with resource source, I have tried some methods but they don’t work, I would appreciate your answer for a solution.

extends InventoryData
class_name InventoryDataEquip

var inventory_data: InventoryData

signal use_function_equipment(inventory_data_equip: InventoryDataEquip)

func position_to_conection() -> void:

func drop_slot_date(grabbed_slot_data, index: int) -> Slotdate:
	if not grabbed_slot_data.itemdata is ItemDataEquip:
		return grabbed_slot_data
	if grabbed_slot_data.itemdata is ItemDataEquip:
	return super.drop_slot_date(grabbed_slot_data, index)

Connection place

func place_to_conection(inventory_data_equip: InventoryDataEquip) -> void:

func to_connect_function(inventory_data_equip: InventoryDataEquip, index):

func use_slot_data(index):
	var slot_data = slot_datas[index]

	if slot_data.itemdata is ItemDataEquip:
		slot_data.quantity -= 1
		print("slot data")

Edit* Thanks for the notice.

I can see you’re emitting a signal, but there is no places where you connect to it.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve already edited it.

But it still does not work