How do I create a sword that follows the sword around the cursor

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I have a game and I have some magic abilities. For this I want the abilities to come out a sword/wand but I need to first make the sword. I can easily create the image for the sword, maybe the collisions, but the thing I don’t know how to do is a cursor sword follow feature. Think about the pickaxe in terraria. It’s exactly like that.

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Check out this part of the docs, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for in regards to aiming/rotating like Terraria

Thanks man but do you mind showing a example. I can’t figure out how to make it so it stays in a circle and the only thing that gets affected is the rotation from the mouse movement

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For sure! Here is a tutorial relating to a Terraria-like:

Basically, make a new scene with an Area2D node. Attach your sword sprite, collision shape, and animationplayer. I believe this person also uses a timer for timing the “hit” effect. Then refer to the code in the docs and you should have enough pieces between all this to build what you need!

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