how do i creating a entity similar to that of a pokemon

Godot Version

godot 4


i wanna make a monster tamer game, theres only thing i have a issue with, creating the pokemon,when making the code i wanna make it so that its template that can be used for all monsters in the game. but i dont know exactly how i would code in things like the stats, movesets, including level up learnt moves passive abilities, iv’s and whole bunch more. i can probably figure out things like the menue, selecting moves.

Any non-builtin script can be using on multiple nodes, you should try using an inherited scene for a base monster. Furthermore you can extend this base script, but I see that rarely happening for pokemon, as differences from one to another lies in stats and available moves rather than code.


As for programming stats and the like it just takes time and tweaks. You could read pokemon’s wiki for some inspiration on how their stats, and hidden stats, affect each creature.

Moves may want to be scripts on their own, or a simple function that deals X damage, another function for applying X buff/debuff.