How do i make a y sort origin for isometric tiles?

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so my first issue was that i put all my sprites into scenes, those scenes i put into the tileset. BUT in the tileset i can’t edit a scene collection nor the ysort orgin of that scene.

My current solution for this is to make another tileset in the scene of the sprite itself and edit the ysort origin there.

I wonder why they took out y sort node???
Then i would not be having this problem.

Next issue i can’t figure out where or how to put the y sort origin on a isometric tile.
My Player is clipping through certain parts:

I have seen videos from earlier versions where all this was possible simply with the y sort node.
Then i would not be having this problem!

The YSort node was removed because y-sorting now a property implemented on any Node2D node.

You can change the Y-sort origin of each TileMap layer by enabling the layer’s Y Sort Enabled property and changing the Y Sort origin for all the tiles in the layer or change the Y Sort origin in each tile by selecting the tile in the TileSet dock and changing that property.

If you are using scenes in your TileSet then change the origin of the scene itself. A small tutorial here Using Y-Sort :: Godot 4 Recipes

How and where do i change the orgin of the scene? Like i said i can only do that in a tileset. That tutorial

You change it in the scene itself. The tutorial shows you where the origin is in the scene.

Are you talking about y sort enabled? I have that enabled everywhere. The tutorial doesn’t explain how do to anything, where do i have to click?

Alright i also had that done. But it’s the offset not the origin. Still not workin with Isometric tiles though