How do i make my Camera2D area bigger?

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Godot 4.0.2 sable


I’m building an RPG game in Godot and I want to make the camera using Camera2D node. The cameras going to zero in one the player character. But the problem I have is when the player node loads in a map the area that corresponds to the camera is too small. The player can’t walk to far on the map.

What @fshroomsf said. Code-wise, this will smoothly zoom in/out, change settings as you like:

Let’s say your default zoom is:

var default_zoom := Vector2(0.6, 0.6)
var zoomed_in := Vector2(1,1)
var zoom_in_speed_sec := 0.8
var zoom_out_speed_sec := 0.69

@onready var camera: Camera2D = $Player/Camera2D

Zoom in:

	var tween = get_tree().create_tween()
	tween.tween_property(camera, "zoom", zoomed_in, zoom_in_speed_sec)

Zoom out:

	var tween = get_tree().create_tween()
	tween.tween_property(camera, "zoom", default_zoom, zoom_out_speed_sec)

Thank you

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