How initiate rotate mobile screen orientation and locked


How to work it from this demo: Tristram by bippinbits
if click enter fullscreen button from my smartphone, game is start full-screen and rotate from landscape mode, and locked auto-rotate function from Android.

my javascript:
var myScreenOrientation = window.screen.orientation;
my godot settings:
[sensor landscape or / landscape mode] from display/window/handheld/orientation

and use this code from gdscript:
if(DisplayServer.window_get_mode() == DisplayServer.WINDOW_MODE_WINDOWED):
Input.mouse_mode = Input.MOUSE_MODE_CAPTURED

not working…

How initiate rotate mobile screen orientation and locked from? [javascript/gdscript]

i’m using from javascript: = ‘rotate(90deg)’;

I’m having a lot of problems detecting mouse clicks on the screen, this method doesn’t work