How to change options of a container spawned through code?

Godot Version



I can add a container in the script, but don’t know how to access the Container Sizing options. I need to check-off the Expand boxes for both horizontal and vertical too.

If there’s a simple way to copy over the manually placed one’s values into the one spawned in code, that’d be easiest probably. Don’t know how though.
I looked at the documentation but it doesn’t seem to list much of the options that come up in the code editor. Just a single enum with a couple values, none of which are these I mention here.

Found the solution!

This would be a great addition to the documentation btw, if anyone’s listening***

What exactly are you missing? If you look up either size_flags_horizontal or size_flags_vertical, it will tell you to “[u]se a combination of the SizeFlags constants to change the flags. See the constants to learn what each does.” Which is exactly what’s explained in that Reddit post you’ve linked?