How to connect signal using C#?

Godot Version


script cue.cs:

	public delegate void ShootEventHandler(Vector2 power);

public override void _Process(double delta)
		Vector2 mousePos = GetViewport().GetMousePosition();

		if (!Input.IsMouseButtonPressed(MouseButton.Left))

			Vector2 dir = mousePos - Position;
			EmitSignal("Shoot", power * dir);
			power = 0;

			power += 0.1f;




script main.cs

    private void onCueShoot(Vector2 power)


Sorry for the English, I'm using a translator, thank you very much..

Assuming you want to connect from main.cs to cue.cs you do:

cue.Shoot += () => onCueShoot

// To emit the signal with parameters
EmitSignal(SignalName.Shoot, power);
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not worked =c

I managed to solve it using chatgpt:

private Sprite2D cueNode;

cueNode = GetNode<Sprite2D>("Cue");
        cueNode.Connect("Shoot", new Godot.Callable(this, "onCueShoot"));


Ah you didn’t have a reference to the cue node!

And yes you can use that syntax too though the docs recommend you use the new one I sent you but that will work fine :slight_smile:

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