How to create a drawing like app

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So basically my dream job is to become a animator and I want to start animating. Problem is all I have is a ipad so all the apps are paid. That’s the reason why I am making my own drawing app. First problem is finding the operating system. I have a system for selecting it but it can’t auto detect it so I need to figure that out. Next I need to figure out how to create a pre-made scene when you click a button. This is so that I can make the paint editor for multiple documents. After that is making the drawing part. I want to be able to use multiple textures and for them to be able to upload their own. Then using that they can hold click, touch using their finger, or draw using something like a Apple pencil to draw a line. Then next is shapes, and so on. Right now I mostly need help on creating a button that replicates a scene but makes it unique and making a drawing tool

Btw this product will be completely free and uploaded to the app store (Hopefully).

Can someone please help me

I’m not that new. I’ve been working with Godot for about 4 months but I just want to make sure that the way I’m gonna do it is good. Plus suggestions really help. And btw I’ve been coding for about 3 years so I wouldn’t say I’m new. Usually it’s not in a game engine though. The method I would use to do that button thing would to make a duplicate of a pre-made scene and change some variables depending on the settings the user has. I’m also pretty sure I’m half way fluent and either way I’m doing this project to learn more about Godot. Next time don’t judge a person because they’re asking a simple question, because it’s probably just to double check.

Anyhow I still need help so can someone help me.

I think you are putting your priorities at the wrong places.

If your dream is to be an animator, you shouldn’t seek to create your own animation app, but to animate as much as possible using existing solutions. The months you’ll spend trying to create an animation app (without professional animation knowledge I assume) will be a waste of time, as an animator point of view.

Instead, you should buy something like Procreate Dreams and start your animator career right away. 20 bucks is not a lot of money compared to the months required to create your own software.

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So what if I have absolutely no money. Then what? Plus I love coding so this is a way to combine the two hobbies

I agree with some sentiment above, but for the others I would say he’s got to make his own choices, and to help you do your thing…


I think these classes have a option to not clear the previous frame. So you can apply a brush and color and it will just persist indefinitely. Now actually applying is another thing. I think it may be a combination of screen space shaders and textures. There was a talk on the last Godot convention about a using viewports… Tldr skip to 16:25

He describes putting a view port in a no clear mode and moves a colored/shaped sprite as a child of the viewport. And to save you could use get_texture().get_image().

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