How to detect multi-touch on many Area2D nodes?

Godot Version

Godot 4.3.0 beta-2


I am making a rhythm game. It has 2 notes and a judge line. When the note touch the judge line, player need to click/catch it. The note’s type is Tap or Slide (click / catch)

Now, the scene looks like this:

(Left is Tap note. Right is Slide note.)
They all have an Area2D and a CollisionShape.
But I can only click/catch one type of note. (Left/Right)

The project file:

I’m not good at English =(

use TouchScreenButton Node to detect the tap, not by area2d area entered signal

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thx! I will try later

it works. thx!!

Execuse me. I have another question. The TouchScreenButton Node cannot detect moving touch, and if the node moving, it doesn’t detect the tap that already there.