How to feed input to area3d?

Godot Version
4.2 stable


How to feed Input to area3d while player control his character.
I saw 2d in 3d and when i reproduce it my controller can’t push input to area3d.
Without player controller it works fine.

Here is code i used to make interactable 2d UI in 3d.

Can you please elaborate a bit what doesn’t work, in order to narrow the problem down.

  • do you receive the input event in the SubViewport?
  • does the SubViewport receive the input event, but it has wrong coordinates?
  • is the code in the _on_area_3d_input_event function executed?

Mouse can interact with it.

So when I put to level. Player can’t interact with it.

This is difficult to debug from videos alone, since there are so many different possible ways, why this doesn’t work. I als didn’t see any obvious problems in the code.
Can you share the project as a zip-file, in order to be able to debug this?


And for controller you can use any first person controllers

404 File not found !?

I fixed problem. Reason why it didn’t work is Control node handle input, that is why area3d can’t accept event.

Fix: Set mouse focus in Control node to Ignored