How to fix this shader error: shader_rd.h:165 - Parameter "version" is null

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I work on a project with around 15 custom shaders converted from 3.6 to 4.2.

How can I find out which shaders cause this error? How can I fix the error?

The output line that I get is this:
.\servers/rendering/renderer_rd/shader_rd.h:165 - Parameter "version" is null.

Unfortunately, it does not tell me which shaders are causing the problem.

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If you are getting errors like shader_rd.h:165 - Parameter “version” is null or Unknown identifier in expression: VIEW, or any number of other errors when opening up your project in Godot, it is likely due to some misconfiguration with the editor/imported files/shader_cache. I get this often when moving resources around in the FileSystem. You can fix this by deleting the .godot folder inside your project folder. You can back it up if you want (I do), but Godot should rebuild this folder and its contents when you restart Godot. You may get some new error messages, but those can often be fixed by opening the scenes or simply running the project. Let me know if this works for you!

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