How to load files from build directory

Godot Version

Godot 4


i want to have a maps folder in the build directory that i can load map files from that
the user has created.
i know from experience that creating or adding custom content to a games user files in appdata is a pain, having to click 5-10 folders to get to the right folder, when a right click open folder location and one more click to get to the right directory is WAY easier.

any way ive set it up so a player can create custom maps and save them as .txt files.
i want to be able to load them from a maps folder in the build directory no matter where the game is located, so i can avoid having to hard code the path like “C:/game/maps/*”, restricting where a user can have the game.

i know i can use custom user file locations through the project settings, but i would prefer the “standard” way of adding custom content(mods for example). the only game ive ever played that had mods/custom content placed in a directory other than the build directory is american truck simulator, they store it in documents under the game name(very common directory for save games).

i figured it out. all i need to do is just remove res:// from the path

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